Secret Creek Sanctuary, 35 Crane Road, Lithgow NSW 2790 - Phone: 0408 695 958

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Secret Creek Sanctuary has been in existence since 2001 and is situated in an idyllic setting just 2 minutes drive from the centre of Lithgow on the edge of the Blue Mountains but it feels like you are miles away from civilisation.

The sanctuary was set up to provide a feral proof enclosure where endangered native species are protected from predation. The sanctuary aims to show visitors what Australia used to look like prior to European settlement with most species previously endemic to the area. 

The sanctuary is best known for the reintroduction of the Eastern Quoll to NSW in 2001. Now also home to Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies, Potoroos, Bettongs, Tasmanian Devils, Tiger quolls, dingoes and soon koalas and Mountain Pygmy Possums.


Interpretive walks are available by appointment.

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