Secret Creek Sanctuary

The overall goal of Secret Creek Sanctuary is to save endangered native species so although you will see some of the animals if you visit during the day most are nocturnal so you won't see them all unless you book a tour. 

Tours are only done at dusk and with a guide but self guided interpretative walks are currently being developed. 

Many animals roam free in their natural environment within the sanctuary. Of an evening you will see Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies, Long-nosed Potoroos, Rufous Bettongs, Parma wallabies, Red-necked Pademelons, Red-necked Wallabies, Swamp Wallabies and Emus roaming safe and free.  Animals held in purpose-built facilities include our predators: Tasmanian Devils, Eastern Quolls, Spotted-tailed Quolls, Alpine Dingoes and soon you will also see Koala and Mountain Pygmy Possums in their purpose-built enclosures.

TOURS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY—: For bookings ring the Restaurant on +61 2 6352 1133 during their operating hours or contact Trevor on 0408 695 958. 

Personalised guided tours are conducted at dusk on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays: $18 adult, $10 children.

Secret Creek Sanctuary, 35 Crane Road, Lithgow NSW 2790 - Phone: 0408 695 958

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